The EXPO New Industry Congress, held at the International Congress Centre in Katowice on September 26-28, 2018, turned out to be the space to talk about efficient restructuration activities, current situation in the bituminous coal industry and innovations and future of the Polish mining industry.  


The main mining sector panel was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Energy, Mr. Grzegorz Tobiszewski, who provided the summary of mining restructuration process, presenting main elements of the “Report of the government plenipotentiary on bituminous coal restructuration”.    


“This is a good opportunity to remind that the mining sector is currently at the completely different situation than 3 years ago. Looking at the Polish mining industry now and where we were at the beginning of our efforts and what we managed to achieve, we can be proud of the effects of the actions we have been undertaking. Since some time we have been speaking about management, investments, innovations and challenges and not about saving the industry”, said Mr. Tobiszowski.




These words were followed and confirmed by speeches made by directors of mining companies and heads of research institutes. Information on the Węglokoks Capital Group was presented by its director, Mr. Sławomir Obidziński.


“Our strategic goal is to secure needs of our customers with reference to coal supplies and in the context of national energy security. As long as the Polish mining industry does not rebuild its production capacities, coal will be imported. And if so, there is no reason for Węglokoks to be out of this area of interest, all the more that we are the company everybody expects to take care of energy security of Polish power plants in case of shortage thermal coal at the Polish market and assure deliveries from abroad”, declared Mr. Obidziński.


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Mine 4.0

During the second mining panel problems related to the idea of a modern mine were discussed. At the beginning speakers paid attention to the low machinery use ratio in excavation works, when compared to other industrial branches, and global mining 4.0 solutions that are, inter alia, related to digital localization of workers and machines, remote control of machines and autonomous devices, more efficient ventilation system monitoring and maintenance of equipment thanks to real-time virtual supervision.


The panel was attended by representatives of such companies like JSW, LW Bogdanka, PGG and ABB. One of the speeches was made by the director of Węglokoks Kraj, Mr. Grzegorz Wacławek.


“We consider digital tools as those that undoubtedly help to change mine management business models. Digitalization of our plant will, most of all, allow to minimize results of failures and downtimes. Rapidly sent information and precise data analysis enable fast decision-making and loss and risk minimization, resulting in enhanced production effectiveness, decreased energy consumption and tear and wear of machines”, said Mr. Wacławek. 


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