HUTA POKÓJ S.A. shall deliver a steel framework for one of the halls of the Mercedes Benz engine manufacturing facility, the first one of this company located in Poland. This facility shall be located within the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone, in the Jawor commune, near Wrocław. This modern facility shall be opened in late 2019. A German corporation, Daimler AG, shall provide about EUR500m (more than PLN2bn) for the project.




The first, visible effect of the works being undertaken at the site is the support structure of the manufacturing and assembly hall. The HUTA POKÓJ Capital Group shall construct and deliver the structure of hall no. 3. Deliveries shall include columns with a total weight of 600 tonnes, and there is an option to perform additional deliveries.



- I am very pleased we have been awarded this opportunity to participate in the construction of the first Mercedes plant located in Poland. It is a huge challenge, but also an honourable distinction. We have vast experience in construction of prestigious, interesting and complex, in terms of manufacturing, steel structures. Involvement of Huta Pokój in this project confirms the potential of our company - says Witold Wójcicki, President of the Board of HUTA POKÓJ S.A




The hall components, to be manufactured by HUTA POKÓJ, shall comply with PN-EN 1090-2 in the EXC2 class. All steel components are professionally equipped with anti-corrosion protection, with 15-year duration. All of them shall be collected by the Konstrukcje Stalowe Hyżyk Company, located in Śrem. The general contractor for the project is a consortium comprising STRABAG, TKT Engineering and Elektromontaż Poznań. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Mercedes Benz engine manufacturing plant, located in Jawor, took place in June 2017. The Polish Minister of Development and Finance at the time, Mateusz Morawiecki, was one of the prominent persons participating in the event. A few weeks later, construction works had already been initiated. This plant shall manufacture state-of-the-art 4-cylinder combustion engines and diesel engines for Mercedes Benz passenger cars, for a range of models, from the smallest Class A, up to Class S limousines. Assembly lines and processing lines shall provide capacity for the production of 600,000 engines annually, and full manufacturing capacity shall be achieved in 2020. More than 500 people shall be employed in the facility.




The HUTA POKÓJ Capital Group has vast experience in manufacturing large scale steel structures. The latest project of the company included construction of a steel framework for the Rotunda, a famous building in Warsaw, owned by PKO BP. Previously, the company manufactured such things as the load-bearing structure of the roof of Śląski Stadium, a railway bridge over the Martwa Wisła river channel, the structure of the Łazienkowski Bridge in Warsaw, a steel framework for Eesti Energia NARVA power plant in Estonia, and the structure of the facade of the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, which was constructed for the FIFA World Cup 2010, organised in South Africa. In the past, the Company has delivered steel structures for construction of famous pre-war buildings, such as the Fair Hall in Katowice, the Tax Office building in Katowice or the Prudential skyscraper in Warsaw.