od lewej Jarosław Jędrysek wiceprezes ds. finansowych WĘGLOKOKS S.A. Grzegorz Tobiszowski wiceminister energii Tomasz Heryszek wiceprezes ds. handlowych WĘGLOKOKS S

Pictured from left to right: Jarosław Jędrysek - Vice President of Finance WĘGLOKOKS S.A., Grzegorz Tobiszowski - Deputy Minister of Energy, Tomasz Heryszek - Vice President of Trade WĘGLOKOKS S.A.



Węglokoks as part of the official government delegation to India


The ceremonial signing of two memorandums of understanding regarding seeking new solutions in the steel sector and the coal sector, was the culmination of representatives of Węglokoks visiting India.  The gathering allowing to establish and build new trade relationships was the Polish-Indian Trade Forum, which gathered in India’s capital New Delhi, many significant entrepreneurs from the heavy engineering sector.  Members of the government-business delegation, which was led by Secretary of State Grzegorz Tobiszowski, included among others coal company representatives from Jastrzębskiej Spółki Węglowej and KGHM.


An official visit by this level of government allows companies, such as Węglokoks, to work with the governments of a given country, which facilitates business activities, particularly in demanding markets.


I am convinced, that modern mining can form an important element in building international trade relations.  Here we have received another strong signal, that Polish mining sector brands, are becoming more recognized internationally and appreciated for their high quality.  We have conducted many successful business meeting, which can bring benefits to entrepreneurs from both countries – stated Grzegorz Tobiszowski Deputy Minister of Energy


For Węglokoks, such benefits among others, include the signing of an agreement, which establishes us as the Polish representative for engineering and mining solutions.


– Before us is a great opportunity.  India is a enourmous and promising market.  It’s one of the largest producers of steel and coal.  In the coming years we would like not only to be a trader on the commodities market, but also to be an exporter of services, solutions, trainings as well as equipment and machinery - stated Tomasz Heryszek, Vice President of Trade WĘGLOKOKS S.A.


In practice this means Węglokoks represents Polish companies, which could present a very broad offer to foreign markets, ranging from design services through to service, operation of mining plants, conducting trainings and audits.


India is not the only direction we can take regarding potential expansion.  Simultaneously Węglokoks is executing its strategy, which is based on revenue portfolio diversification, searching for new solutions and above all new markets.  As the leader of the Consortium, including the participation of private companies, we will thoroughly assess each potential project – added Jarosław Jędrysek - Vice President of Financial WĘGLOKOKS S.A.

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