One more step to combat smog hazard was made in Ruda Śląska. Owing to the contract concluded between the Province Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management (WFOŚiGW) in Katowice and Weglokoks Energia ZCP Sp. z o.o. as many as 40 multi-flat buildings in Ruda Śląska will be connected to the district heating network. In consequence of the change how heat is supplied to these buildings the annual emission CO2 and harmful dusts will be reduced respectively by 1540 tons and 15.2 tons.

Replacement of stoves and anti-smog resolutions adopted to eliminate worst quality sorts of coal from the fuel market as well as social campaigns are nevertheless important measures but step-by-step connection of subsequent buildings to the district heating network is the most effective method to fight against low emission being the primary reason for smog. That's what we do - says Jerzy Warmuziński, President of the Management Board of Węglokoks Energia ZCP Sp. z o.o.




The contract for financial participation in the project entitled: "Liquidation of low emission in the city of Ruda Śląska through connection of multi-flat buildings provided already with individual sources of central heating to the heating network operated by the Heating Engineering Company (PEC) Sp. z o.o. based in Ruda Śląska" was signed by Mr. Jerzy Warmuziński, the President of the Management Board of Węglokoks Energia ZCP Sp. z o.o. and Mr. Andrzej Pilot, the President of the Management Board of WFOŚiGW in Katowice.

The total cost of the project exceeds PLN 4.5 million, where the eligible expenditures make up about PLN 3.7 million whilst the co-financing granted by Węglokoks is over PLN 3.1 million. The buildings will be connected to the network by 2019, which will significantly improve the air quality in Ruda Śląska.



In parallel, the Company intends to provide the Combined Heat and Power Plant ‘Mikołaj’ in Ruda Śląska with a combustion system for alternative fuel. The investment is a component of the comprehensive upgrade of the plant with the key objective to reduce hazardous emissions and to adjust the plant to the stringent environmental standards. The new power unit shall be designed according to the most advanced technological solutions and fired with preprocesses wastes with initial withdrawal of recyclable and biodegradable components to get rid of unpleasant odours given off at combustion.

Such fuel is classified as a renewable source of energy. Thus, the plant shall generate "green" energy. We can estimate that the upgrade project shall make it possible to reduce emissions of polluting dust and gas by 80% - explains Mr. Warmuziński

Simultaneously, residents of Ruda Śląska will be provided with steady and reliable source of heat and the amount of wastes to be deposited on landfills shall be tremendously cut down.