Implementation of joint innovative research projects with regional, supra-regional and international ranges, arrangement of internships for the best students and graduates of the University, but, first and foremost, transfer of knowledge between science and business - these are the key assumptions of the cooperation agreement signed today in Katowice between WĘGLOKOKS S.A. and the University of Silesia in Katowice.


- We would like to benefit from Polish scientific achievements and to harness them into dynamic development of the Węglokoks Capital Group, currently supported on four powerful pillars: mining, metallurgy, power engineering and logistics. We keen on successful cooperation with leading universities in the region and the contract signed today is a paramount evidence of it - says Sławomir Obidziński, the president of Węglokoks.


The scope of the agreement covers undertaking of joint research and development projects of innovative nature, including studies and analysis in the field of new technologies in the coal, metallurgy and power engineering industries, as well as the promotion of the ideas how to transfer scientific achievements to the business environment. The collaboration shall bring together all entities included into the WĘGLOKOKS Capital Group and representatives of individual companies will offer consultations in research fields, including teaching syllabuses and topics of diploma theses. For the Capital Group the agreements makes up an excellent opportunity to promote entrepreneurship attitudes in the academic environment as well as to provide highly competent staff of the company to deliver lectures and lead practical tutorials for students.


In turn, students and scientists from the University of Silesia shall be offered practical trainings and internships to enable them to learn and to develop their careers in real business environment. Such education background shall make them possible in future to better meet demands of the dynamically changing labor market. On the other hand, innovative projects developed and implemented jointly by the both partners shall enable the companies of the Węglokoks Capital Group to expand their businesses and constantly improve their competitiveness.