In Węglokoks advance works are taking place regarding applying pyrolysis technology and gasification of waste, biomass, silt and fines coal. These processes rely on thermal conversion of lower rank fuels into significantly more valuable, and most of all ecological fuels. Advancement of such projects was spoken about by the chairman of Węglokoks Energia Jacek Boroń during a conference in the Senate of the Republic of Poland “Polska liderem czystych technologii węglowych w Unii Europejskiej” – Poland a leader of clean coal technology in the European Union. Sławomir Obidziński Chaiman of Węglokoks S.A. also took part in the event.


In today’s approach of the European Commission, which putting it mildly doesn’t support coal, if we want to ensure the future of the coal industry, we must search for clean, environmentally friendly technologies. Such technology can certainly be silt and fines coal – explained Chairman Sławomir Obidziński.


The process of gasification takes place at temperatures between 850-1100 degrees Celsius. A number of reactions take place in the environment with very limited access to oxygen or totally without it. The gas produced after purification is utilized as a fuel for high-performance manufacturing in the cogeneration of electrical energy and heat.


The project lead by Węglokoks Energia shows, that in an optimal situation, from the point of view of a raw material base and applier technology is a plant, which annually will process between 10 thousand and 25 thousand tons of waste and silt, enriched fines coal. Such a plant is capable of generating an energy stream of 12.85 MW.


An extremely important element of the project is the protection of the environment. The technology fulfils all the applicable and required environmental norms, and emissions are below those permitted.


It is most important, that not only do we want to use these devices, but also as WĘGLOKOKS we want produce them. Doing so we would achieve two goals: a technological one being ecological production of electrical energy and coal, as well as a business one, by introducing into the market new devices – as was highlighted by Jacek Boroń, Chairman of WĘGLOKOKS ENERGIA.


Construction of the plant is scheduled to start soon, with initial operations starting in 2020.


Many distinguished guests took part during the conference which was open by Marshal Stanisław Karczewski, and was led by senator Adam Gawęda. Amongst them was the minister of Environment prof. Jan Szyszko, Deputy energy ministers Grzegorz Tobiszowski as well as Michał Kurtyka, chairman of the Parliamentary Energy Committee and Treasury member Marek Suski, parliamentarians, company presidents, scientist and experts.