Undoubtedly, it is one of the most significant successes of the Polish marine industry and Weglokoks Capital Group. INTER BALT, a logistic co-partnership, which is part of the Group, has been named as the best naval agent in the competition organised by the prestigious international magazine INTERNATIONAL BULK JOURNAL. The award gala IBJ AWARDS 2016 that was organised at the foot of the Tower of London assembled over 600 representatives of the biggest marine industry companies from around the world.

Every year, INTERNATIONAL BULK JOURNAL announces a competition for the best company operating in the marine turnover of bulk merchandise. For INTER BALT, which has participated in the competition for several years, the competition connected with the agency support of ships entering Polish seaports is essential. “The verdict exceeded our expectations. We have become the best naval agent, leaving many significant competitors behind. This reward is an additional incentive for us to continue developing!” says Marek Kowalski, chairman of INTER BALT LLC.

Baltic champions

The nomination itself is great recognition for the company. The jury, composed of industry experts, announced the list of finalists at the beginning of September. From a few hundred applications, so called short lists were created. INTER BALT was put on two of them. Due to great significance of the competition, the awards granted by IBJ can be called Marine Oscars.

“This award proves that the decision to start INTER BALT, made a few years ago, was right. The financial model we have chosen, presuming the diversification of income sources, has succeeded. The merit is due to the Executive Body and the professional crew of expert specialists who have managed not only to gain clients’ trust, but also the credit of international experts” says Edmund Plutecki, chairman of INTER BALT Supervisory Board and logistics director of Weglokoks Inc.

It is interesting that the picture of the port in Gdańsk, given to the senior editor of industry magazine International Bulk Journal appeared on the cover of the last issue of the prestigious periodical.

“The first idea was to put on it a picture of one of the international ports, but the gift from Chairman Marek Kowalski made such impression on us that we changed our minds on the spot. For the first time in history, the piece of art that appeared on the cover perfectly conveys the professionalism and the art of the company that is why the caption reads: Inter Balt`s artistry on the Baltic” responds Ray Given, publisher of International Bulk Journal.

The award is certainly proof that Weglokoks Capital Group has very high, globally recognised proficiency, and their greatest and most valuable resources are very well educated team and years of successful experience that are essential to succeed in the dynamic reality of the changeable world economy.

Od lewej: Ray Girvan - wydawca IBJ, Roman Leończak - z-ca Prezesa Zarządu INTER BALT, Marek Kowalski - Prezes Zarządu INTER BALT, Edmund Plutecki - przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej INTER BALT, dyrektor ds. logistyki w Węglokoks S.A.



Prezent podarowany wydawcy IBJ, czyli obraz portu w Gdańsku, znalazł się na okładce ostatniego numeru tego prestiżowego periodyku